Muscle Training Power Ball

Muscle Training Power Ball

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Save Your Hands!

Does your job require you to endlessly use your hands day in and day out? Are you an athlete or musician who needs their hands in top-notch shape to perform? Well, then the LED Muscle Power Ball just might be exactly what you're looking for! Not only does the muscle power ball give your hands a great workout and prevent injury but it also effectively treats arthritis and similar ailments! Take 5-10 minutes of your day to reap some incredible benefits and prime your most valued tools to their peak performance!!

A Simple Solution To Years Of Struggling


  • Strengthens Muscles- Effectively works out arms, wrists, and hands.
  • Relieves Wrist Ailments- Including carpal tunnel, arthritis, tendinitis, repetitive strain injury, and all others.
  • Conveniently easy to carry and use
  • Gentle and non-impact relief 


  • Color: blue / green / orange / purple
  • Material: ABS, Metal alloy
  • Light Source: LED * 4
  • Battery: (built-in)
  • Size: 7 * 7 * 5.7cm

How to use

  1. Holding the wrist ball with one hand, the opening part of the upward, the other hand will be the head of the rope into the hole in the center of the ball.
  2. With the thumb of the hand holding the ball, turn the ball forward, the rope tightly wrapped around the center of the ball in the center groove.
  3.  When the rope around the center of the ball half a circle, stop turning the ball center. Use one hand to hold the ball, the other hand to pull out the rope quickly and let the ball center rotate at the fastest speed.
  4. Immediately open the part down, with the wrist part of the ball, until you can feel the speed of the ball can continue to accelerate.

What's Included

  • Fitness Gyro * 1
  • Rope * 1
  • Instructions * 1 


DO not drop the ball on a hard surface at any time, the heavy rotor will damage.
DO not touch the ball rotor when it is spinning at high speeds, it will burn.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great Workout And Easy To Use

Great forearm workout. Took me a few tries to figure the motion out but once there, its really easy. I only has it for 2 weeks so don’t know if it will make me as strong as Iron Fist but it’s definitely a good workout.


Product arrived very nice in 15 days I am glad of everything

Great And Easy To Use

I needed something to give my wrist and forearm an easy workout at the office or while driving. This was a great filler to that. It has helped with grip strength, range of motion, and stability of hand flexors and forearm flexors.


The goods arrived, very happy. It was 23 days before Tashkent. I'm happy, I recommend the producer.


This is a useful device for strengthening the wrists and forearms. As some other buyers already have noted, the instructions given on the package and in the product leaflet are not clearly translated into English, and some buyers will have difficulty with them. For anyone who is already familiar with exercise devices of this kind, the instructions are not an obstacle to using this product.